Monday, May 8, 2017

The Great Denton Tour ($10)

Event Date: Sunday, June 25th, 10 AM (Arrive Early!)

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Pre-Payment Required for Reservation:

Join us for a road trip to see points of interest in the Denton and surrounding areas that will leave you as an honorary Dentonite! These are the places that over several years of living in the Denton area I have found to be popular sites to visit. Whether you are a prospective college student at UNT or TWU, a parent wanting to see the town where their son or daughter will be living and going to school or just a local that wants to learn more about places to hang out - this is a tour for you! Spend an afternoon checking out one of the neatest towns in the Metroplex and learn where you may take your next date, spend an afternoon on a beach, a place to hunt for ghosts or the best local dining. Join us!

Sunday, June 25th 2017, 10AM (Arrive Early!)
BRING: A Cooler with Food, Drinks (Lunch & Dinner)
Or you may eat at one of the nearby restaurants

Tour Fee $10 (Per Person All Ages)
See PayPal:
Bring receipt to event for confirmation
(Food, Drink, Gear, Lodging, Fees not included)

Recommended: 2 Way Radio (Channel 5, Code 0)
Note: We do not have a set end time for this event.
Please no photos taken of tour guide or his family.

How to set up your 2 way radio:

Meet North of Denton, Texas
Lower parking lot of the Horny Toad Cafe
5812 Interstate 35, Denton, TX 76207

Note: Please have your vehicle completely filled up and in good working order and an empty bladder. Restrooms may not be available at point of departure. Group may return late but you may turn back at any time.

Event Agenda:
-Horny Toad Cafe (Meet)
-North Lakes Park (Drive)
-Rose, Peach and Plum Garden (Walk)
-Movie Tavern Grill (Drive)
-Mr Chopsticks (Drive)
-Fry Street (Drive)
-Denton Historical Park (Walk)
-Hypnotic Donuts (Walk)
-Denton Square (Walk)
-Jupiter House (Walk)
-Paschall's (Walk)
-Recycled Books (Walk)
-Eastside Tavern (Walk)
-Austin Street Truck Stop (Walk)
-Barley & Board (Walk)
-Beth Maries (Walk)
-Nike Missle Base (Drive)
-Lake Ray Roberts (Drive)
-Aubrey (Drive)
-Green Belt (Drive)
-Nanatorium (Drive)
-Water Park (Drive)
-Skate Park (Drive)
-Cauble Ranch (Drive)
-Sanger Winery (Walk)
-Babes Restaurant (Drive)
-UNT Football Stadium (Drive)
-Mr. Frosty's (Drive)
-Goatman's Bridge (Walk)

Event Disclaimer: By participating in this event you agree to not hold organizer(s) responsible for accidents, injuries, damage or theft of property. This is a participate at your own risk event.

Rules & Info:

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