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The Waterfall Tour ($12)

Event Date: Saturday, May 6th 2017, 10AM (Arrive Early!)

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Pre-Payment Required for Reservation:

Join us for a road trip through the Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma! Eat Fried Pies, take a scenic drive, see waterfalls, visit a Native American Village and a chocolate factory. And if you really need a vacation stay over night at either Turner Falls or the Chickasaw Retreat & Conference Center.

Saturday, May 6th 2017, 10AM (Arrive Early!)
BRING: A Cooler with Food, Drinks (Lunch & Dinner)

Tour Fee $12 (Per Person All Ages)
See PayPal: www.tinyurl.com/dfwa-web
Bring receipt to event for confirmation
(Food, Drink, Gear, Lodging, Fees not included)

No Pets or Weapons Allowed per Venue Rules.

Recommended: 2 Way Radio (Channel 5, Code 0)
Note: We do not have a set end time for this event.
Please no photos taken of tour guide or children.

How to set up your 2 way radio:

Meet North of Denton, Texas
Lower parking lot of the Horny Toad Cafe
5812 Interstate 35, Denton, TX 76207

Note: Please have your vehicle completely filled up and in good working order and an empty bladder. Restrooms may not be available at point of departure. Group may return late but you may turn back at any time.

Event Agenda:
- Information Center / Restrooms
- Picnic at Original Fried Pies
- Turner Falls Overlook (Zip Line - $10 cash)
- Chocolate Factory (Bring Ice Cooler for Chocolates)
- Native American Cultural Center
- Chickasaw National Park (Short Hike to see Springs)
- Scenic Drive through the Arbuckle Mountains

Event Disclaimer: By participating in this event you agree to not hold organizer(s) responsible for accidents, injuries, damage or theft of property. This is a participate at your own risk event.

Rules & Info: http://www.tinyurl.com/DFWA-Disclaimer

For updates friend Dave Randall

Fee: Thank you for your support by paying a small fee for a fun time. I have been told by many participants that I provide well organized, safe and enjoyable events for those attending. This is not by accident. Hours of research, personal fuel costs visiting the sites and purchase of equipment and maintenance adds up. Charging a small fee helps recover these costs. It also helps my family out as we have two children and this is a hobby that takes me away from my family but brings in a little extra income, not much but every little bit helps. So we greatly appreciate your participation in our events and so glad that so many people have had many positive things to say. Thanks, Dave Randall

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Is the fee $12 per person or $12 per car?
This event is $12 per person - all ages.

Should I bring food or drinks?
Yes, we will stop at the Fried Pies Place where anyone is welcome to purchase a wonderful fried pie. However, we will also have a quick picnic for lunch and also for dinner.

What time will we return?
This is an all day event and many of us will be finding lodging over night but as with most events I host you may depart at any time.

Is there a restroom or gas station at the meetup location?
No not really, even though there is a restaurant, it will not be open. You should stop before you arrive to Denton and gas up and visit the restroom. However! For those of you who are just incredibly stubborn and think you can hold it or like living on the edge of an empty gas tank. You will be instructed to go to the gas station located at our first light before we get on the highway. We will not stop but you might be able to catch up with us as we fly by!

Can I pay with credit card?
Yes, PayPal has an option where you can pay with credit card
Go to: www.tinyurl.com/dfwa-web (PayPal Link for Event)

Do I need a two way radio or can I just give you my phone number?
I no longer give out my phone number or take numbers because I can't call a dozen numbers when I need to announce a turn or road instructions. Radios are not required but highly recommended. Only Motorola are supported but most do work. You should set your radio to Channel 5, Code 0.

See: How to set up your 2 way radio:

Can I have the exact coordinates and addresses of each and every stop along the tour?
No, sometimes the order of the trip is changed based on any perceived hazards, construction, weather or time of closures. People have in the past wanted to meet up with us at some point along the trip. I found that this posed a safety concern and detracted from the trip. Those who meet at the meetup location are those who are welcome on the trip.

Will you wait for me or my friends stuck in traffic?
I usually leave a 15 minute window. But we don't wait because it throws the events of the trip off. Please leave early enough to be on time and keep in mind possible traffic on the road.

Can I ride with the organizer Dave Randall?
No, for several reasons. One is insurance, I cannot take on passengers because it is an event and my insurance may not cover you in the case of an accident whereas yours will in your own car. Also, I have a lot of equipment and my son often rides with me and it is our son and father bonding time when he tells me all the secrets of the world and I listen and agree. In the event someone does ride with me they are either my body guard, or there is an unusual circumstance.

Can people carpool?
I no longer advise it because you may not know the person, you may not know if they are going to decide to make a stop at Winstar on the return trip home or maybe they having a driving style that will make you uneasy. It is best we all take our own vehicles or at least know the person we are riding with and offer to split gas. For more information see Carpooling on page four: http://www.tinyurl.com/DFWA-Disclaimer

Can I take pictures of the organizer and his kids?
No, please do not take our pics or pictures of our kids, car or license plates. This is for our safety - and yours. If you would like an explanation I will not be offended if asked. If you do not wish to be in a pic that we take please let us know at the beginning of the event and we will be happy to honor your request.

Can I bring dog(s)?
No, the venues that we will be visiting do not allow dogs.

Can I bring guns?
If you are an LTC holder please check state laws for rules on carrying. Also be aware that we may be on Federal Land at times and those laws will apply as well. If it is legal to carry, all that is asked is that you do not keep a live round in the chamber and that you keep the weapon concealed and secure at all times.

Are there refunds?
No, however, if you PM me I may honor your receipt for the event at another event of the same value. Depending on the situation.

What other events do you have?
See the following website for more events. You may even want to bookmark it or share it with your friends and family who are interested in such events. www.tinyurl.com/dfwa-web

Are you a serial killer?
No, I enjoy cereal but I have a wonderful family and I do these events because I enjoy seeing people having a nice time. Many bring their families and friends and at times I bring my son who enjoys these events very much.

Has anyone died at one of your events?
I don't do a head count anymore but I don't think so. There was this one guy who did decide to kayak alone out into the middle of Lake Texoma against my best advice. We alerted the Lake Patrol. He has not been heard from since but he snored anyway all night! Listen to your tour guide, especially parents. If you or your children go running off, climbing all over cliffs, put the group safety in jeopardy or are a general nuisance you will be warned once politely - then you will be removed and banned from the group. Not because I don't like you but because I don't want to see you or any parents children hurt.

How good is the chocolate at the chocolate factory?
Very Good! Let's just say each time I go I purchase some for my wife and both my kids teachers as a pay off for the havoc they create in the classroom. Timeouts have dropped drastically.

What should I bring?
Food, Water a Flashlight, A Whistle, Good shoes for hiking, Some cash, A small first aid kit. AND a motorola two way radio if you want to hear instructions, not get lost or left behind.

Official Radio of Dave Randall:

Is this event ADA accessible?
Yes, for the most part! The places we stop there is always something to do. There is some climbing and clamoring about on rocks and waterfalls but you don't have to do this to appreciate the view. Also the Native American Cultural Center has carts. If you need any assistance please let me know.

What happens if my car won't start or I lock my keys in my car?
You should have a trained mechanic check out your car before any trip and the same is true for these tours. I won't leave you in a dangerous situation and have even purchased a $65 jump start kit that has already come in handy. But the show must go on and I will drop you off at a safe location for you to call AAA if we are not able to get your car running safely in five minutes.

What do you have to say about your trips?
A lot of folks have said they have had a wonderful time. At a recent event a young lady chose to celebrate her birthday by attending our event, another couple said they may actually stay in Texas now that they know there is something to do. I have had couples meet on my tours, another couple get married and others say it is the first time they have gotten out since a loved one passed away. All have had positive things to say and that is one of the reasons I do this. I do these events because I see people hurting, lonely, some people so wound up about life but when we all get out together enjoy nature and some fun friends I think it makes for a better world.

I hope you will enjoy one of my events soon, I look forward to seeing you! Best wishes to you ... Dave Randall

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