Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Illinois Bend Massacre, A Ghost Town in North Texas

It was a bitter cold, windy night in March of 1863 or 1864 that an estimated band of 150 to 300 Indians led by white renegades attacked the little settlement of Illinois Bend. The families were huddled around a roaring fire in the great fireplace when Anderson became aware that there were no sounds of hooting owls outside. He went out to investigate and never returned. When he failed to return, Harris went out only to discover the entire settlement was surrounded by a large band of Indians. He rushed back inside giving the alarm to the others. John Willett, his daughter and Mrs Anderson were killed and scalped at their new home. Mrs. Willett remarkably was able to make it to Head-of-Elm, but was half-frozen. She walked there in her night clothes and with bare feet, in the dark the some fifteen miles to tell of the massacre. She told of running off a bunch of wild hogs and warming herself in their bedding. You can still hear the screams of those being scalped in the cold night air and possibly see the lone woman on the road struggling to reach Head-of-Elm (now St Jo).

See where it all happened....

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Join us as we explore the Texas back roads, see beautiful scenery and countryside, visit an actual ghost town where settlers were massacred, look out over the Red River, see a wind farm, eat German food in Muenster and see an Old Gothic Church in Lindsay. Then stop for some kolaches to take home to family and friends.

Event ideal for Photographers,
Historians, Tourists, Adventurers
$8 Cash + $2 Fee if Credit Card
Note: Fees are charged per person.
Additional fee if we survive a tornado!

Meet North of Denton, Texas
Lower parking lot of the Horny Toad Cafe
5812 Interstate 35, Denton, TX 76207

Arrive early and enjoy lunch at the:
Horny Toad Cafe (Great Patio!)

Note: Please have your vehicle completely filled up and in good working order, an empty bladder and prepared for a long drive, some of it at night - no end time listed. THIS will be an adventure!

Recommended: 2 Way Radio (Channel 5, Code 0)
Please bring a flashlight with fresh batteries
Snacks & Beverages, Cash for Dinner

Excellent two way radios for the road that have NOAA weather alerts, which are ideal for the storm season:

Event Agenda and Stops:
- Butterfield Overland Stage Coach Crossing
GPS Coordinates: N 33 28.215 W 097 31.015
- See a small Ghost Town near the Red River
- Massacre at Illinois Bend
- Red River Bridge
- Muenster for Dinner
- Old Gothic Church (Lindsay)
- Site of the Great Hanging
- Historic Homes (Gainesville)
- Lake Ray Roberts Drive
- Scariest House in Texas!

Route Map with Stops:

Read more about Ghost Town Illinois Bend:

A True GHOST Town! Settlers Massacred:

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