Friday, August 16, 2013

DFWA Texas Alien Encounter

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Join DFWA for a An Alien Encounter, some world class gumbo and maybe even spot a Wookie along the way! Before Roswell and Area 51 there was Aurora, Texas a small town that if you blink your eyes you would miss along the highway but to those who know the story it is a big part of UFO history and the fact that the townspeople are so reluctant to capitalize on it makes it even more believable! Before the Wright Brother's first took flight there were a number of sightings of a UFO across the nation. It so happens that one of these airships is supposed to have crashed landed in the town of Aurora just outside of the DFW area, the body of the Alien Pilot buried in the local cemetery, even mentioned on the Texas Historical Marker at the gate!

Watch the video below carefully, we are going to visit the cemetery where the Alien is supposed to be buried. You will participate in your very own Alien Hunt and see if you can find the grave based on the pictures in the video. Afterward we will visit the famous GoGo Gumbo that is nationally acclaimed for its Cajun Cuisine and see if we might catch a glimpse of Peter Mayhew (known to many as Chewbacca in the Star Wars films) who now resides in the town of Boyd.

If there is time after dinner we may return to the Meetup Location (Wendy's) where we will assemble and then go for a night hike on the nearby Cross Timbers Trail in search of UFO's!

Alien Video: History Channel - Aurora Texas First Contact
Also See: GoGo Gumbo / Peter Mayhew

DFWA Fee to all participants is $5 cash per person (pay the pig).
(Costs not included: Food / Drinks / Gas / Etc.)

Meetup Location:
Wendy's (Inside)
1204 North Highway 377
Roanoke, TX 76262
(682) 831-1533

Participants Should Bring:
- Cash, Water (1 gallon for emergency), Print out of Map (above).
- Car should be well maintained for drive (Check tires, coolant).
- Fully Charged Cell Phone for road emergencies.
- Spare tire (aired, no cracks), Jack that fits your car.
- Flashlight, Bug Spray, Hiking Shoes, Whistle, Compass

Highly Recommended:
- Small First Aid Kit, Flash Light, Road Beacon, Can of Fix a Flat.
- 2 way radio w/ NOAA Alerts (Set to channel 5, code 0).

Additional Information:
Those who wish to carpool (from the meetup location), there is a Walmart nearby where monitored parking is available, however, DFWA and organizers are not responsible for your car or property. Please note in the comments section that you are interested in carpooling either as a driver or passenger. Be sure to pay your part of gas.

Minors are welcome / Pets are not because of venues.

Difficulty (1:Easy - 5:Hard): Rated 1 depending on weather.
Length of Event: Evening Event, Estimated 40 miles r/t.
Environment: Have car checked out and well maintained.

Persons who have a poor attendance history or "No Shows"
Must confirm RSVP to DFWA events by posting a comment "I will be there" in the comment section or email to All others welcome with RSVP.

Only RSVP if you truly feel that you can attend.
Do not re-post to other event boards or sites.
No smoking near other members of group.
Do not attend if you are sick or have health issues.
No radio or recorded music, guitars are welcome!
No photos, videos or tagging of organizer(s).
Questions: Ask for "Mother". (DFWA Organizer)

Notice: All participants in DFWA events agree not to hold DFWA or any of its organizers or members responsible for accidents, loss or damage to equipment, loss of life or limb. You are responsible for your own safety and agree to the DFWA Disclaimer posted below.

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