Monday, July 22, 2013

DFWA North Texas (Hanging) Tour

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Join DFWA for a North Texas Hanging Tour! Do you like Old West History, Small Texas Towns, German Food, Mafia Stories, Buffalo Soldiers, WWII Camps, POW Historical Sites, Ghosts Stories, Country Drives and Schnitzel? Then this is the event for you! We will see much of all that as we explore Gainesville and Muenster Texas. Gainesville is home to Rumpy's Kolache Shop and one of the most infamous mass hangings in the history of The United States. Not on your typical tour map and not an advertised historical event that the town likes to acknowledge but in 1862 forty Union Sympathizers were hung and two shot during the tumultuous times that followed the Civil War in North Texas. Some say the spirits of those restless souls who long ago found their fate here can still be felt when visiting this area.

The Legendary North Texas - Cowboy Mafia
(One of the stops on our trip)

A plate full of Pesos and a red candle now sits near the grave of the famous Cutter Bill on the equally infamous shuttered Cauble Ranch. Rex Cauble a self made multi-millionaire and owner of Cutter Bills Western Wear, the Neiman Marcus of the urban cowboy during the eighties, had a darker side. That is what the DEA will tell you. Rex owned a sprawling 4,000 acre ranch just North of Denton, Texas. Here people would come from around the country for lavish parties and to see Cutter Bill, a world wide famous cutting horse, in action under the bright lights of the Cauble Ranch indoor arena. You could not get more Texan than the cigar chomping oil tycoon turned rancher Rex Cauble. Known in Las Vegas for his large losses at the Poker Table, which later was thought to be money gathered from illicit drug dealings. Cauble Ranch sits on I35 the main corridor from Mexico to the north where a river of drugs flows branching out across America. Thousands of pounds of drugs would be loaded onto go fast boats (also called cigarette or rum runner boats) that could outrun most law enforcement crafts of that time. The drugs would be offloaded onto shrimp boats, delivered along the Texas Gulf Shore and then shipped north in trucks often hidden in hay bails. Rex Cauble had ranches in Texas where the drugs would be collected and then distributed as they traveled along the I35 highway. Finally the Feds found out and the operation was shut down but not before it became the largest drug ring in the history of the United States that built an empire known as the "Cowboy Mafia".

In addition we will be taking a short walking tour and a driving tour of the beautiful Gainesville Historic District. Afterward enjoy an authentic Muenster, Texas German dinner at The Center followed by a drive across the Texas Rolling Prairies. Join Us - RSVP Today!!!

DFWA Fee to all participants is $5 cash per person (pay the pig).
(Costs not included: Food / Drinks / Gas / Etc.)

Print and Bring: Google Map of Driving Route
Meet at Panera Bread: 2510 West University Drive, Denton, TX
The Exit from I35W for University Drive is #469 (Hwy 380), Turn East.
Safest to go to light at Bonnie Brae turn north and then turn in first
drive way on left. Follow road until in front of Walmart (Panera).
(Should have a full tank and empty bladder before departure time)

Participants Should Bring:
- Cash, Water (1 gallon for emergency), Print out of Map (above).
- Print out of Event Timeline should you get lost and want to catch up.
- Car should be well maintained for drive (Check tires, coolant).
- Cooler w/ice if buying German Meats, Cheeses to take home.
- Fully Charged Cell Phone for road emergencies.
- Spare tire (aired, no cracks), Jack that fits your car.

Highly Recommended:
- Small First Aid Kit, Flash Light, Road Beacon, Can of Fix a Flat.
- 2 way radio w/ NOAA Alerts (Set to channel 5, code 0).

Additional Information:
Those who wish to carpool, there is a Walmart nearby where monitored parking is available, however, DFWA and organizers are not responsible for your car or property. Please note in the comments section that you are interested in carpooling either as a driver or passenger. Be sure to help pay your part of the gas.

Approximate Timeline of Event and (Informational Links):
- 11:30AM Meet Panera Bread in Denton (2510 W. University Drive).
- 12:00PM (Noon) Depart from Denton (Don't be Late!).
- 12:15PM Cauble Ranch home of Cutter Bill and the Cowboy Mafia.
- 01:00PM Gainesville Outlet Mall (North of Gainesville).
- 01:00PM Restroom Break, Meet by Duck Pond (Near Applebees).
- 01:15PM Depart and drive to ruins of Camp Howze.
- 01:45PM Depart to drive to Rumpy's Kolache Shop.
- 02:15PM Depart to drive to Park where we leave cars.
- (Corner of Denison and E. Main, Eastside of Downtown).
- 02:30PM Gather group together, Bring Bottle of Water.
- 02:45PM Walk to Site of Hangings, Old Train Depot.
- 02:50PM Historical Marker for Henry O. Flipper (Buffalo Solider).
- 03:30PM Gainesville Historic District Drive.
- 04:00PM Drive to Muenster for Dinner.
- 04:30PM German Dinner at The Center (Please Tip!)
- 05:30PM Visit Fischer's Market (German Meat's and Cheese).
- 06:00PM Depart for Home: Country Drive (1 Hour to Denton).

Minors are welcome / Pets are not because of venues.

Difficulty (1:Easy - 5:Hard): Rated 1 depending on weather.
Length of Event: All Afternoon Event, Estimate 100 mile Drive.
Environment: Hot drive, have car checked out and well maintained.

Persons who have a poor attendance history or "No Shows"
Must confirm RSVP to DFWA events by posting a comment "I will be there" in the comment section or email to All others welcome with RSVP.

Only RSVP if you truly feel that you can attend.
Do not re-post to other event boards or sites.
No smoking near other members of group.
Do not attend if you are sick or have health issues.
No radio or recorded music, guitars are welcome!
No photos, videos or tagging of organizer(s).
Questions: Ask for "Mother". (DFWA Organizer)

Notice: All participants in DFWA events agree not to hold DFWA or any of its organizers or members responsible for accidents, loss or damage to equipment, loss of life or limb. You are responsible for your own safety and agree to the DFWA Disclaimer posted below.

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